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private servers?

yea I know its BREAKING THE RULES to ask, but the game has been shut down.. I mean, is soe even allowing people to make private servers for this thing? If so, are there any? Is the demand only 2 people and myself?


anyways, MXO was an awesome game if only it was less grindy and more pew pew'y.


  • sexypanda198sexypanda198 Member Posts: 151

    do internet search and you will get your answer


  • SoliloquySoliloquy Member CommonPosts: 128

    Discussion about unauthorized servers is not permitted on

    Sony owns the rights to this game and until they make the game open source (or some other option that allows the public the right to release and mod it) we will continue to lock these discussions.

    Sorry for the loss of your game though, it had some great things.



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