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Is this a real game?

 For some unknown reason, ( maybe he is a completionist) but Omar over at MMOHUT just did a video review for this game.. I havent played it.. 

  I thought I would check out the official forums to get a general idea of the activity, and wow did I get a laugh..

There are more forum posts selling illegal pain killers, and shoes / clothing then actualy player posts... or atleast fairly equal.

I have to assume that Omar must have seen this, so I think he just is OCD about reviewing every single MMO game in the universe :-P



  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,325

    I'm curious too.  I tried to download the game today and here is what happened.  They give you 4 download locations to choose from so I pick the first.  MMOsite.  Taking upwards to 4 hours to download 1gb.  Note:  I downloaded Eden Eternal right before that in about 15 minutes, and that was a 1.4gb download.  Anyway...

    So I try the other 3 links 2 of them either require a membership to the site to download something over 1gb and the last link didn't even have the dowload on their page.  it had a message saying the owner's bandwidth was used up or some odd crap.

    I promptly quit the whole thing altogether as I my Spidy sense started to tingle.  Just seemed fishy and I just don't trust it.  

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