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A Mature Player would never Pay or Play this game...



  • youngkgyoungkg Member UncommonPosts: 357

    You should try HoN.


    I tried LoL a while back and just couldnt get into it,didnt feel very responsive in comparrison to HoN and theres a leaver system inplace thats much more reasonable,If you rack up enough leaves that put you past the 5% mark you get put into a pool with other leavers and not people with -5% untill you get back under 5%.


    Never unserstood the appeal of LoL tbh.

  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,686

    Originally posted by youngkg

    You should try HoN.


    I tried LoL a while back and just couldnt get into it,didnt feel very responsive in comparrison to HoN and theres a leaver system inplace thats much more reasonable,If you rack up enough leaves that put you past the 5% mark you get put into a pool with other leavers and not people with -5% untill you get back under 5%.


    Never unserstood the appeal of LoL tbh.

    Integrate a Dota scenario intoo a MMO PvP instance and it will rock big time... as thegoals are easy to underatnd and combat is much more diverse then 5 vs 5 PvP

    Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    OP is too dramatic.  I'm pretty sure she's trolling or just retarded.

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    Originally posted by youngkg

    You should try HoN.


    I tried LoL a while back and just couldnt get into it,didnt feel very responsive in comparrison to HoN and theres a leaver system inplace thats much more reasonable,If you rack up enough leaves that put you past the 5% mark you get put into a pool with other leavers and not people with -5% untill you get back under 5%.


    Never unserstood the appeal of LoL tbh.

    HoN's community is much harsher then LoL's.  League is pretty much a simpler version of HoN.  Games are shorter, slightly lower skill cap (ex: no denying), players tend to stay equal level, quicker deaths, and...well...it started as free to play, unlike HON.

    At first I didn't like LoL but my friends kept on playing and I learned to enjoy it for what it is.  Despite everything, I think Riot achieved the goal they wanted for LoL - a simplified, F2P, balanced between spenders and non-spenders, MOBA that still has a decently high skill cap but is easy to grasp for casual and new players.

  • Temp1234Temp1234 Member UncommonPosts: 47

     This reply is directed towards the OP, i rarely post but felt the need to comment on this thread for some reason. Try not to take this the wrong way...i believe you when you say you did not go afk or leave..you seem to be pretty firm on that point...perhaps...you were banned because people were harping on you for not playing well? You certainly dont have to be amazing at this game..but you do have to be generally competent at it. If you arent that great ..thats fine..but if you get feedback from your teamates or advice...try to take it and learn from it, instead of being defensive right away/ignoring them. There is an option to report for unskilled player so...maybe thats what happened..otherwise i dont see how you would have been banned for afk if you insist that you havent. At the bare minimum they would check the logs for afk'ing...so if you did get the leave penalty ban...that speaks for itself. If you were really "mature"...then do the mature thing and just move on...dont spend a dime on this game, advise friends not to play this game..raging on a public forum...is not the way to go.



  • NivisiruNivisiru Member UncommonPosts: 186

    "A Mature Player"... ok, but not wise enough to understand why things work the way they do. 


    Or I could go with.


    Not mature enough to man up to your own problems and not take it out on others. The game works the way it does for good reason.



    To those who hate the community... how long you been gaming online? THIS IS NOTHING NEW!

  • LeegOfChldrnLeegOfChldrn Member Posts: 364

    I still find it hilarious that people don't realize you can get banned simply for being reported.

    I haven't been banned since (I have rejoined the LoL community for the last 2 months) but my original ban was without reason.


    What people fail to realize is that all you need to have done is


    1) Get reported for no reason, typically by multiple people on a team (or a full team of trolls). Either for doing nothing, or for not switching lanes or giving in to newbie kid's demands and saying "No thanks."

    2) Get a kid in the tribunal to judge your case. Instant vote ban based on # of reports in a single match. (People are very likely to ban if the entire enemy team reported them for no reason). This is a flawed system where kids can judge you.

    3) Get a lazy Riot employee or the reality that they probably don't review or spend very much time reviewing banned players.



    I originally never said a word outside of communicating with the team or saying to a kid "No thanks" or "No that is a bad idea." and was still banned without reason. While many here question if I was guilty or not, I knew I wasn't. I haven't had this happen again because in higher levels there aren't as many kids to falsely report you.

    This game's community is still god-awful, but seems better as time went on half a year later. Like I said, this is mostly due to being higher level now.

    LOL @ anyone who thinks this system is perfect and innocent people aren't banned on a daily basis. Kids report, Kids judge, and Kids condemn.

  • MaGicBushMaGicBush Member UncommonPosts: 686
    Originally posted by rikarus92

    If you were playing multiplayer on a team for your first experience with the game, you were doing it wrong. There's a reason they have bot games and EVERYONE reccommends bots/customs before you move onto PVP. That would be like buying starcraft II, going into a 3v3 copper ranked game and expecting other users to teach you how to play. It's a fantastic game if you play with people you know once you know what you're doing and you're not going to fuck over your whole team. Anyone who jumps into summoner's rift 5v5 PVP for their first game is an idiot, sorry. You got what you should have expected.

    Well with the SC2 example I played a ton of cpu vs me games and still had no idea what I was doing in multiplayer, PvE is not a good way to gain experience for a PvP in any game to date as they use a set rule of strategy. You learn this strategy and stick to it for multiplayer and players use an extremelly different strategy than the CPU does. So you learn nothing, other than the extreme basic controls to a game. I went into copper and lost a ton of matches trying to improve after playing over 50 skirmish matches against a CPU before I started to win. I am downloading this now, and really hope you do not get banned as easily as I have read.


    *edit* After playing this type of RTS is different than the normal, so I suppose practicing against the AI is very beneficial. I will play quite a bit vs AI before hoping online.


    -Currently playing Aion.
    -Played SWTOR, UO, EQ, AoC, WOW, War, LoTRO, FFXI, Rift, DFO.

  • HellSingsHellSings Member Posts: 185
    Originally posted by Shadowsil

    First, as a longtime player in his 30's, let me explain how the system works.  I state my age because obviously you believe everyone but yourself is a teenager.  Now, first off, there are many failsafes in place in LoL to prevent people from being banned without reason.  The first is the 'Leavebuster' system, which will flag you if you go afk for more than 5 minutes.  This will result in near instant bans, which seems to be the case here, but I will give you the benefit of doubt.  The second is that after a certain number of reports on your account, your case will go before the tribunal, which is basically a jury of your 'peers'.  Even if you are found guilty there, the case is reviewed by an employee before you are actually banned.

    Many, many people go to forums to complain about their unwarranted ban.  And in every case I have seen the ban has been deserved (You go public to call them out, most often they will make your case public, which is their right).  To be banned in your first week though, while complaining about how you can't AFK without being banned (but you would NEVER do that), sounds like the Leavebuster system got you.

    I will tell you the same thing I tell everyone that complains on the forums or in game.  If you don't have 30-60 minutes for a regular match, or 20 minutes for a Dominion match, DO NOT QUEUE UP.  Plain and simple.  Yes, emergencies call you away from the game, which is why you are allowed a certain number of leaves on your account before being banned. 

    As for kids, I have a 2 year old daughter.  Which is why I play during her naptime, or once shes asleep.  Otherwise I run the risk of having to AFK and ruin the game for the other 9 people in my match.


    Edit:  How pathetic is it to waste your time playing a game just to grief others Bunny?  You whine about immature players while proving you are the worst kind.  Oh, and you reporting every player in a match isn't going to get you anywhere but wasting your time, since for the case to go to tribunal a certain number of reports must be made on that person, both over time and during an individual match.  And even if the case goes to tribunal, there are plenty of players that take it seriously, and even if they didn't an employee reviews each case that is voted negatively before issuing a punishment.


    That's how the tribunal works, although there may have been changes to it now, I haven't played since DOTA 2.

    @ OP - In most cases like yours people are lying or trolling, so don't expect everyone to sympathize with you. But if you are sincere, email them and ask for your case to be reviewed again.

  • MaGicBushMaGicBush Member UncommonPosts: 686

    Honestly I have a kid and play this game each night for a few hours. I have never once been banned, every now and then I have to go AFK during a game to do something for my son but it has never caused such an issue. You can go AFK for a minute or two and not have any issues in the game so the topic is pointless. I am a single parent and have no issues playing the game. Don't start a game if you can't finish it as I understand why others get mad this happens to me a lot and ruins a game if even one player goes AFK or leaves. This is not a typical online game where you can leave freely and it not effect your team, with such a small amount of players in each game every player matters in the outcome. I just read the OP post and did not read the other pages of posts so I may be off-topic at this point, but basically I am disagreeing with the OP.

    On the topic of surrendering I have honestly only had this problem on a few ocasions. If the match is obviously lost as long as you speak up before clicking the surrender vote most will vote for the option to surrender. So far out of the games I have played that will obviously lose 70% of the time I am able to click surrender and it passes. Also 20% of the times it does not pass I explain to others it's not possible to win and generally by the second or third surrender vote the match is over.

    I highly doubt you were ever banned if you did not leave a game or go AFK either, you obviously did go AFK according to your original post and thus cause the ban considering the point your trying to get across. In most normal online games it would be ridiculous for such a ban however in a game like this every player counts being only 3v3 or 5v5 in matches. Obviously anyone would be pissed off after the 10th game played in the 5v5 match and they lost just because one or two people went AFK or left the game. So why should the game not punish you because of such an action? If you don't like that fact, then simply leave and play any other game on the market that you can leave when you need to(funny thing; If you leave any MMO during PvP your character will die as effect of the 10-20 second logout rule).


    -Currently playing Aion.
    -Played SWTOR, UO, EQ, AoC, WOW, War, LoTRO, FFXI, Rift, DFO.

  • spades07spades07 Member UncommonPosts: 852

    I'm a mature player. I admit the PvP audience is just far too offensive. The game needs Guilds, or voice chat and Riot aren't doing much on this score. I mean if you could create a mature guild no cussing teammates etc, it's much happier playing.

  • MentatMentat Member UncommonPosts: 516

    That's upsetting that you got banned for a day. I have a hard time believing that you were reported enough times to get a ban for doing nothing wrong and saying nothing to provoke others. People by nature don't just go out of thier way to ban you if you didn't at least do something to piss them off. And if you just sucked at the game there is a "unskilled player" report as well - which won't earn you a ban.

    You seem super passionate about making sure you are perceived as a completely innocent bystander but, the tribunal cases get a full chat log of the entire game - several people would all have to review and vote for a ban. The system seems partially flawed but, way better than nothing.

    Anyway OP - your post and responses make you look like a cleverly disguised troll to me. Arguing over and over that you did nothing wrong and that the riot system is just crap.

    I've been playing the game since the very early stages and can say that they have made great strides as far as improving the community - it doesn't happen over night - if you have a better suggestion make it. But, whatever you do - stop QQ'n please. Even if it was a mistake (which yet again, I don't see how - you'd have to have upset multiple people, get reported several times then voted to be banned several times as well).

    my 2 cents

  • JimmyYOJimmyYO Member UncommonPosts: 519
    I can't go afk in a pure team pvp game oh noes. You may want to avoid any form of pvp.
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