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Sci-Fi MMO 'Tears of Polaris' put on hold indefinitely

AktillumAktillum Member Posts: 22

Today, Iron Realms President Jeremy Saunders revealed the fate of Iron Realms highly anticipated 6th MMO, Tears of Polaris.

"..At this point we have decided NOT to continue with Tears of Polaris development, and we are putting the project on hold, but not completely cancelling it.

There are a few reasons for this, but let me hit the main ones.

  • Some of the major code shared across the IRE games has been completely changed beyond repair. These systems have to be the same so that we can universally apply IRE code updates to the game. These updates have not been done on ToP for many, many months.

  • For the most part, all the of the skills are just Achaea skills. Some not even reskinned. Any new IRE game has to be completely new from the ground up in regards to skills. We would literally have to start classes all over from the beginning.

  • The space system (one of the main reasons for playing a scifi game) is not close to being ready.

Matt and I have talked about this several times. We still want to release a scifi game, but ToP is not even close. In fact, it will be faster for us to start completely over.

For now, we are putting the project on hold indefinitely. We are currently working on several other large projects and upon their completion we may begin work on a new version of ToP from the ground up. Most likely we will pull from our existing pool of experienced producers when we do this. Most of them have expressed an interest in working on a project like this."

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