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Really interesting gameplay footage from way back in 2005

ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

Realms Online started out as "Regnum Online" was already became a huge hit in Argentina in 2005.

It only gained international release in 2011, hich is what you see today.

This video shows what the game was like when it was a huge hit in 2005 :-

some interesting observations

1) you had a stamina, hp AND mana bar instea dof just 2 of them lol

2) the gfx and art are all teh same except in 2011 thee was a slight tweak to make the gfx all more.. melded and glowing? not sure what it was but the edges are less sharp

3) back on 2005 it was exactly like DAOC lol (before crafting came into DAOC)

4) everythign looks cool and everyone is having gr8 fun :)

heh just interesting


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