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Exploring Unorthodox Play Styles in League of Legends


Hey. I'm starting a blog about (See title) and decided to make an official thread for it. I'll update the blog (And this thread) regularly. Please comment/critique/etc and tell your friends. Also,please point out spelling mistakes and stuff like that. I'm rather tired and probably missed all of them.


ALSO. If you want to be updated regularly, subscribe to it!


I'll update the thread regularly.


EUPiLoL#17 - AP Kog'maw in Dominion (Sniper Style)

EUPiLoL#16 - Old School Alistar (In Dominion) The Creep Master

EUPiLoL#15 - AP Shaco in Dominion (I know that this isn't necessarily unorthodox but I wanted to do a post about it so shush)

EUPiLoL#14 - Supersonic Zilean (Capping and ****)

EUPiLoL#13 - Janna in Dominion (Capping / Defending style)

EUPiLoL#12 - "Fast Mover" Teemo in Dominion (Open ended discussion. Link at the beginning of the post of you want to discuss it.)

EUPiLoL#11 - Lux in Dominion

EUPiLol#10 - Examining our Obsession With Mercury Treads

EUPiLoL#9 - A Different Way of Looking at AP Taric

EUPiLoL#8 - Playing Upon Mundo's Strengths

EUPiLoL#7 - A Realistic Approach to Heimerdinger

EUPiLoL#6 - (Under reconstruction)

EUPiLoL#5 - Tank Kennen

EUPiLoL#4 - Mage Malphite

EUPiLoL#3 - Early Game Domination with Sona (Sheen Style)

EUPiLoL#2 - AP Kog'maw

EUPiLoL#1 - Roaming Alistar

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