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updated impressions

slowpoke68slowpoke68 Member UncommonPosts: 541

I downloaded this game late last week and now have a marksman up to level 26.  I thought I would update my impressions for those interested in trying the game.

Downloading the game and creating an account are super easy and quick.

You can pick one of two servers, Raven, the newer north american server or Horus the older international and english language preferred server.  Be warned, they take realm loyalty seriously, so once you create a toon in a realm it takes 2 weeks to delete it and change sides.  I created a new account to get around this.  I settled on the Raven server.  Community is great and gms are constantly on hosting events.  Very encouraging!  I recommend playing on Raven.

The visuals at first look bland, but I am playing at highest resolution and they are actually quite good.  Character models are meh but the world and mobs look very nice.  The sound is great as are the weather effects.  Some of the combat sounds could use a little work.

The UI is different from most modern mmos, will take an hour or so to get used to this.  Its not necessarily bad, but could use some work.

Population.  In the newbie zone I didn't see too many people.  Once I got up a few levels I started seeing a lot more.   I hear in chat that the higher level pop is quite good.  There are constant messages about forts being taken and lost etc from the game system.  So something must be going one.

All and all I am really enjoying myself.  I spent 5 bucks on a mount and am humming along.  Can't wait to get into the rvr.  Really surprised and pleased at this point.

TLDR Game is looking quite good, well worth a download and a try.  Give it an hour to get into it.  Promises an old school DAoC 3 realm open rvr experience.

Will update once I get into some RvR action.

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