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Not Even Interested...Remake Biowares Version

Athena_StarfireAthena_Starfire Member UncommonPosts: 213

From what I hear this will be nothing like the 2006 Bioware World Builder Neverwinter Nights 1 (NWN1). Neverwinter Nights achieved fame because it was the first 'mmo' that allowed people with the time and inclination to start at square 1 and build a world from the ground up. And if you had a bit of scripting knowledge you could change every aspect of the world.  Then host the world either under Windows or Linux as a public server. Another company tried to recreate the fame of NWN1 with Neverwinter 2 and it fell flat on its face. 

From reports the only 'building' you will do in Cryptics Neverwinter ( 'NW 2012' ) is minimal. There will be no world building. Supposely you can make 'mods' but only from their on program (there will be no Community Expansion Packs). There will be no scripting, no hosting. You will have a 'door' you can go into to make your own private instance on thier server.

IMHO Bioware NWN1 did it right, if Cryptic/PW want to have a decent turnout for Neverwinter, they should make it a personal world builder with a modern day Aurora Toolset. Allow server hosting and full world scripting modification.

I should know what I'm talking about since I MADE a huge world in Neverwinter 1. Incorporating community addons for content and database functionality.

Want the best Neverwinter around? (and still has hundreds of worlds out there)  its still available (Game and all expansion packs) for the totally affordable price of US$9.99 (Digital Download)

Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition -

Then come visit my world :) at

Ansalon - The World of Krynn

Over 6 years in the making - 700+ Areas

Massively Customized

Level 3 and Haste from the Start

Custom Portal System

Custom Database Driven Treasure System

Custom Script Driven Spawn System

'Party Friendly' Experience System (no split exp)

Module support for Level 41-Level 200 (scripted)

Ansalon Persistent Bank


Maps and Information on entire world

Persistent World



Neverwinter Nights I (Base Game)

Neverwinter Nights I Expansion 1 SoU (Shadows of Undrentide)

Neverwinter Nights I Expansion 2 HotU (Hordes of the Underdark)

Neverwinter Nights I HotU 1.69 Update

CEP (Community Expansion Pack) 1.53 Required

(Both Available on Ansalon Website)

Connection Details at

or look for us in Gamespy PW Action (if Gamespy is working)




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