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The MMO Nomad

OkhamsRazorOkhamsRazor Member Posts: 1,047

I don't know about the rest of you but with the increasing amount of free to play games I find myself spending less and less time in any one game . I do subscribe to Rift and I have a lifetime subscription in Lotro but even so its unlikley I will play either ever day . Somestimes I do a little DDO or AoC and recently City of Heroes . I think the thing is nowdays a lot of people are like me and mmos have a transitional community . Its nice in one way because you get to see a lot of different games but in other ways you dont really get to know the people in the games . The other problem is these days a lot of these mmos are quick fix so even though they are subsciption based so little effort needs to be put into a character you don't feel any real connection to that character . I think this is the age of the MMO Nomad .


  • GorweGorwe Member RarePosts: 4,932

    This was(well...almost) an age of tragically bad/boring games(last five years).

  • PioneerStewPioneerStew Member Posts: 874

    Since the WOW monopoly and the endless clones I have been doing much the same thing.  Think a little Bioware and GW2 will inject some new life. 

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