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Dwarf Rogue lf EU PvP server with active world PvP raids.

chriselchrisel Member UncommonPosts: 990

Okay. I might lift the ban of not allowing WoW to be played in my house.  After trying (too) many MMO's since I quit WoW just days before Cataclysm was released, I am tempted going back after playing one MMO after the other that have been alot of big dissapointments.

You already know what class I will play. Now I need some tips on what server I should play on. I prefer the RP PvP server (Defias Brotherhood), but since I have no idea how the current state of powers are (Horde was owning all Alliance like 90% of the time when I left) I am now willing to play on a pure PvP server just for getting a more "balanced" situation.

So, which server could be "good" for me? I am not purely after a server where Alliance dominate, but I would like to play on a server where Alliance at least is giving some fight back.

Oh, I am not interested in joining any overpopulated server with waiting queue. (meh, do I sound picky?) ;)


Constructive input most appreciated!



Make us care MORE about our faction & world pvp!

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