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Example video of some combat by one of the players in the game

ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

I just thought i would post this video because it shows some of the types of team pvp combat you get in this game.

I didn't make this video but i think i have seen a player by the same name who posted this video in the game server itself.

some points 

1) i don't like the music much but hey its sort of loud techno(?) so some may like it

2) the camera shake/pan/zoon is not a part of the game. the video maker put all that in. i dont like it. actually the game ovrall even during combat is very quiet and serene unless you turn on battle music.

sorry i couldn';t get a better video yet :/ if i find one ill post it. im after one which shows complete parts of combat rather than tiny bits of each one like this one does.

anyway feedback and comments/questions welcome.



here's an alternative video of team pvp combat in the desert of Ignius. no sound :( but it gives the look and feel better than the previous video. this one is interesting becuase you get to see the video maker using the camouflage (like invisibility) ability where no one can see u for a while :-

here's a video i sort of like from the french Realms Onlione server called "Nemon". Most pleople speak French there. You can join too but yea its mainly for french speakers. this video is interesting bcos it shows an invasion of Syrtis. the Syrtis gate is broken and everyone charges in. The music is really loud and dramatic but is not from the game. It suits the modd though because busting and entering the gate like this is a major event - as the invading realm you can go in and kill lowbie players grinding in their supposed "safe" home :-

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