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Announcing Official Game Servers!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,403

Hi everyone,

Below you'll find our announcement of official game servers for our sister-site We wanted to share this with the community as well as we realize there is a good deal of crossover given that we are all gamers! If you are an avid fan of PC FPS games please read below for more information on what we're offering to our community and what our plans are for the future of this feature. Also, for the purposes of the Reserved Slot status mentioned below, yes, accounts count (logins are the same across all of our sites). We'd really love your feedback on the existing game servers and where you'd like to see us take this feature.


When we launched our new Guru sites over the past year we recognized that the best way to build up a new site is to focus on community-driven features, and to that end we are proud to announce our partnership with to provide all of you with game servers for your favorite games.

What this means is that we'll be looking to set up ranked dedicated servers for all the hottest upcoming and existing FPS games on the PC so that community members don't have to leave the fun of interacting with each other at the forums. Form up squads, clans, and groups and play with each other hassle-free on our dedicated game servers provided by

Additionally, we are also offering members access to a 100 slot Mumble server (we'll expand capacity as required!) so you can easily chat with each other while you game. Members who register their account on our Mumble server will be granted reserved slot status to any games we have servers for that support it.


Eventually, you'll be able to see the server status of our various game servers throughout the site so you can quickly check who is playing and what maps the servers are running without even having to jump into the game.

We're kicking things off by supporting three games to start: Team Fortress 2, Red Orchestra 2, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Below you'll find a feed and details for each of the three games, providing all the information you'll need to hop onto our servers:

Team Fortress 2 (24 Slots):

At the moment, our Team Fortress 2 server is completely vanilla (full official map rotation, 24 slots). There are frankly so many options and possible configurations for a Team Fortress 2 server that we'd like to leave it up to you as far as what map and mode rotations you'd like to see so please share your thoughts in the comments below. We are not likely to support custom content, however, we'd like to work within the official modes and map lists to keep things simple for all users.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (32 Slots):

Our Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server is set up with 32 slots and a mixed gamemode plugin that is currently rotating all of the game's conquest and rush maps. The server is NOT set to Hardcore mode. Conquest is currently set at a 100 ticket count. If you'd like to see a higher ticket count here or for us to enable Hardcore mode, let us know!


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (48 Slots):

Our official Red Orchestra 2 server supports 48 users and is currently set-up to only run Territory maps. Like our Team Fortress 2 server, if you have any preferences for what maps or modes you'd like to see on this server, let us know!


All servers, including our Mumble server, are located in Central US locations so as to provide as close to an equal ping to as many users as possible.


The first thing you're probably thinking is: What the heck is Mumble? Mumble is a VoIP (voice over IP) program similar to TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. Mumble is open-source and is extremely power-user friendly with deep customization for both users and server administrators. Mumble is also a low-resource voice client with automatic voice normalization, echo cancellation, certificate based authentication (more secure than passwords), super voice quality, low latency, and our favorite feature: 3D positional audio.

For the games that support it, Mumble offers the capability to utilize positional audio to really enhance your game experience. Using the positional audio feature will allow you to tell where a speaker is from the direction of their voice. It can sometimes be pretty hard to figure out where a friend is on a frantic Battlefield game when they yell "Over here!" Well, with Mumble you'll be able to have a much better idea of where exactly "here" is.

You can connect to our 100 slot Mumble server at: ( port 64758. The server is open to all, though as we mentioned earlier, users who register their accounts on the server (you'll need to create a certificate to do this) will be granted reserved slot access to our various game servers.

Download Mumble here.

Battlefield 3:

The first hot new game we are looking to support is Battlefield 3. As an official RSP (ranked server provider) for Battlefield 3, our partnership with Hypernia will allow us to provide you with official ranked Battlefield 3 servers. We are aiming to run a total of five servers once the game launches, one for each of Battlefield 3's supported game modes:

  • Conquest 64 slots

  • Team Deathmatch 24 slots

  • Rush 32 slots

  • Squad Rush 8 slots

  • Squad Deathmatch 16 slots


We are really excited about our partnership with Hypernia and our ability to provide you, the community, with as many community-driven features we can cook up. So please check out our servers and leave us any feedback on where you'd like to see us take this feature and what you'd like to see on our current and upcoming game servers.

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB

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