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I hope the Cantina dont get to crowded with RPers



  • UnlightUnlight Ottawa, ONMember Posts: 2,540

    No RP in an MMORPG?  I'm perplexed.  Isn't that one of the things they're for?

    Actually, I usually only RP in rare circumstances, but I prefer RP servers mainly because the community seems a lot more amiable than other server types.  If people are RPing, they aren't dropping n-bombs, raging at newbs and generally being obnoxious, illiterate asses.  The more RP there is, the better.  And where better than a social place like a cantina?

    As for ERP, it makes me laugh.  I just find it a lot more funny than offensive, but report it if it bothers you.  It should be in a private chat anyway.

    And half-nekkid dancing chicks?  THIS is a problem?!  For a dive like the cantina, stripper poles should be a prerequisite.


  • tharkthark FalunMember UncommonPosts: 1,188

    I have been a P&P roleplayer since i was about 16-17 or so, now I'm 44..And I mostly like it.

    With that said I can say that some roleplayers in MMORPG's , like LOTRO for example can be very annoying ..I can't even say that they are roleplaying in a sence.

    They sit in the Prouncing Pony and come up with the longest emotes ever existed, sometimes it just feels funny..and annoying.

    A roleplaying game, It's still a game , even if it's in Pen and Paper form or if it's in digital form, It's not the next Shakespeare play in a bar scenario. 

    This is then more like free form roleplay..And I can't say I'm very impressed with any of those people I have spotted over the years , it's always over done and silly. Mostly it doesnt make any sence at all, since most playable characthers pictured in the world are supposededly heroes/villains and not farmer Joe getting drunk in a bar.

    Yes; i know you can play the village drunk if you please..but

    But...on the other hand..Who am I to judge, If players actually feels good about that, go ahead..I just don't think it's proper roleplaying if you only can roleplay in a place where there is no risk of real adventure or sudden unwanted happenings..Wich is a signum in a roleplaying senario.

    I'd say If you like to play out impressions and long winded dialogues , join the theather, set up a play. and play your characther there, If it's good, you will get a much better audience and better credit for your work.:)

    But thats me..     

  • ktanner3ktanner3 lakeland, FLMember UncommonPosts: 4,059

    Sorry, but I can't think of anymore of a delicate way to say this:

     If you don't like being around role players than stay out of Massive Multiplayer Online ROLEPLAYING Games. Part of the risk of playing these games is running into people you don't like. I myself can't stand the hardcore PVPers who run around trying to duel you, or the idiots who constantly ask for money or gear. But that's the way it goes in MMORPGs.

    Currently Playing: World of Warcraft

  • MetentsoMetentso BarcelonaMember UncommonPosts: 1,437

    So you are worried about roleplayers in a PVPRP server? I have the solution for you: join a PVP server instead.

  • kitaradkitarad RomeMember EpicPosts: 4,790

    I used to enjoy watching people RP on Landroval in LotRO and although I myself seldom rp but nevertheless it was very nice to listen and watch them be so creative.

  • RefMinorRefMinor MyTownMember UncommonPosts: 3,452
    My guess is that they will be full of people RP'ing 13yr old braggards being homophobic and showing off their L33T gear and telling all around that they are N00B LSRs
  • ThanesThanes St. Augustine, FLMember Posts: 182

    Originally posted by ActionMMORPG

    I'm fine with RPers in the cantina.


    As long as they don't interfere with me burning through quests, skipping quest text and cut-scenes, and rushing my way to level cap...


    So I can sit back and complain that the game had no content.  image

    Brings back memories of the week I played Rift.  Those were good times.

  • ZaushZaush Tempe, AZMember Posts: 371
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