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Possible New Dofus Player

DianicDianic Member Posts: 69

Hello Everyone!

You've probably heard this over and over again, but I would like to run a few questions by any veterans of this game.

I recently discovered Dofus because of the Wakfu Beta invite from Square-Enix.  Honestly, I had no idea the game even existed.   Wakfu looked like it would be super fun, so Dofus just seemed like the logical choice... want to play Wakfu?  Get familiar with the original.

1) Is it easy to get going as a newb, meaning, is there a large gap between a newb and a vet?  I dont want to play solo for weeks on end.

2) What server should I join?  I'm all about PVP/PVE... doesn't matter... I just prefer a lot of people to turn to for possible questions.

3) Is it a head-banging grind, or is it actually fun?  I expect bias in this answer, but if you've played for X amount of months/years,  there must be a reason.

The game looks awesome and I love the artwork.  Wakfu caught my attention... will Dofus be able to maintain it?

Thanks for any and all help/advice!!


  • DianicDianic Member Posts: 69

    Ok, well I started on a server... Rushu.

    I'm really just questing and starting jobs/skills (farming and stuff).

    Any tips about where I should go from this point?  I just hit lvl 11... kinda learning the ropes still, but the game itself seems fun.  I love the browser-based application.  I can minimize and do other things at the same time.  :)

    If Wakfu is like this, I will likely join that game as well. 

    Hope to hear from anybody soon, and thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  • hammerdownhammerdown Member Posts: 1

    What class are you? Dofus has a wiki, which has build styles for every class. Very effective. Also, it helps if you game with friends. I just got my fiance into it, and she usually can't stand mmopg's. She enjoys it as well, and she plays an enrisipa(sp) which are technically the healer class. She's up to lvl 13 and I'm around 14  and 15 with my two characters.  You're more than welcome to join up with me once I get my paid account back up, just pm either 'Gallyarrow' or 'Akashiya-san' and I'll respond. My fiance and I are also on Rushu server.

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