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Can anyone who has been playing post a review please?

slowpoke68slowpoke68 Member UncommonPosts: 541

Thinking about checking this out but wondering what people's impressions are.  Also how is the population...enough for rvr?  Thanks.


  • just2duhjust2duh Member Posts: 1,290

     I didn't play it for very long and it was quite awhile ago, so it'll probably be pretty vague.

      People were heavily comparing it to DAoT (though I never played that one).

     It seemed like it would be good if you live and die for territory PvP. There were 3 factions devided with their own land, each faction has the same 3 classes (with very limited customization), and opposing players could fight and take over control of certain places (can't say I made it that far).

     It's combat was where it lost me though, pretty standard stuff and not all that smooth, and the PvE content consisted of grinding mobs for items or fetch quests.

     Nothing overly flashy or visually impressive going on, but as I said if faction vs faction type gameplay is your thing it would probably be worth checking out, if you're prepared to take the repetious trip to get there.

  • KeokioKeokio Member Posts: 2

    I can give you an unbiased review. I'm not sure if you've ever played DAOC; if you have, then you can compare the game to that before the Shrouded Isles expansion.

    Graphics: Simple. If you have a good GFX card, the game really doesn't look all that bad on high settings. The water is nice; the shadows can be seen from far away and are smooth; the animations are decent. The spell effects could be cooler, but it's a free MMO, so you really can't expect too much. I think the developers are changing this though.

    Sound: I like it. I play in Syrtis, and the music reminds me of DAOC a lot, especially in Hibernia. However, the music does get repetitive, but you can adjust the volume to make it secondary. The spell sounds are okay, and the environment sounds are great, especially in the forests. Nothing is really too loud or too quiet, and you can adjust them in the settings.

    Gameplay: It's an MMO, of course you have to quest. In fact, you should quest up until the quests are kind of obsolete, around level 35 or so. The quests give you a lot more XP than grinding, and you can grind on your way to the quest and back to get even more XP. Depending on your class and how you spec, it's really not that hard to take out mobs.

    RVR: I haven't really been involved too much with this yet, but from what I've heard from players in game, it's really the only reason to play the game. To me, that is a similar concept to DAOC since you were really just trying to level your character to get him or her out into the RVR zones. You get Realm Points, and you can group with people and defend or capture castles and keeps. I hear it's really fun, and I can believe it will be.

    Fun Randoms:

    • One thing I liked about DAOC so much was that it rained. It rains in Realms Online, and the sounds are decent when it does. It doesn't get foggy like it did in DAOC, but it's still nice to hear the rain when you're running through the forest.

    • The drops are decent at low levels, but it goes away once you get really high. You still get drops, just not as frequently. However, GMs run hour-long drop, XP and gold bonuses, so that's always fun.

    • The chat isn't filled with whiny kids, racist remarks or childish fights like you see in most free MMOs.


    Keep in mind that this is a free MMO, so you won't get the benefits of a pay-to-play game such as WoW.

    If you want a nice free MMO to play, and you enjoy the fun of grouping, soloing and chilling out on adventures, then you'll like this game.

  • slowpoke68slowpoke68 Member UncommonPosts: 541

    Thanks for the thoughts guys.  I rolled up a toon on both Raven and Horus.  I'm only level 5 but haven't seen any other players.  Is there a good pop at higher levels for the rvr?

    Also, can you recommend a server between the two that I listed.  I am in the midwest united states and an english speaker.

    I loved DAoC and am itching for some good pvp/rvr right now.

  • KeokioKeokio Member Posts: 2

    As for servers, I'm not quite sure because my toons are on Raven, so I just selected Raven and entered the world. I don't know about different servers. I'm level 12 with my Warlock and see people here and there. I imagine that higher level areas are more populated, and the Raven server is fairly new still so it should become more populated once the word spreads about the game.

  • ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

    Originally posted by slowpoke68

    Thanks for the thoughts guys.  I rolled up a toon on both Raven and Horus.  I'm only level 5 but haven't seen any other players.  Is there a good pop at higher levels for the rvr?

    Also, can you recommend a server between the two that I listed.  I am in the midwest united states and an english speaker.

    I loved DAoC and am itching for some good pvp/rvr right now.

    there are definitely players around but they are usually grinding somewhere. feel free to chat and ask in your "realm chat" to find where people are.  in warzone there are always players hunting other player or warbands roving - be very careful as death comes fast sometimes. i think it is easier to get to know the game on Raven server. there's GMs and GCs present all the time in the game so if you ever have questions or wantto ask stuff just chat in your realm chat (that's the tab with "Syrtis", "Ignius" or "Alsius" in the chat box). the GC or GM will definitely hear you and will either come to greet you or just answer your query.

    ok here is something Very Important about chat which will help you find players (in case you do not know) :-

    1) Realm Chat which is the Syrtis/Alsius/Ignius chat tab: Whatever you type in here will ONLY be heard right across your own Realm. It does not extend into the central warzone beyond your Realm's Gate and it does not extend to other realms! So no one there will hear you chat.

    2) The "general" chat tab will only let people within about 100m(?) meteres of your location hear you. It is very small chat. If you chat in this and no one is nearby NO ONE will hear you. GMs and GCs also will not hear you.

    3) In the central warzone itself, there is only one "General" chat tab. So only people close to you will hear you. GC and GMs will NOT hear you if you chat in warzone unless they are close to you.

    4) If you join a clan you also get a "clan" chat tab. This can be heard anywhere by everyone in the clan.

    5) You cannot chat to any player or npc from another realm. It is totally blocked and they will not hear anything you type. (same as DAOC). I think this is meant to stop griefing chat.

    Brief note on gfx and combat responses etc: Some people may say combat and gfx are too simple. But actually, NGD deliberately did this to focus on pvp. it is a challenge to get the timing and the art of killing your opponent right. But because the combat response is so simple, it is easy to experiment and fine tune it to your own comfort and style. I find many other mmos with "smoother" and bigger gfx have more unpredictable response times in pvp - so it is harder to be consistent in your kill style. finally, the gfx in RO are acutally quite mamazing for me. The days have subtle atmospheric colours which change as the day and weather progresses. You will see it quite clearly. hope that helps :P


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