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Winds of Change part 2 coming

RameiArashiRameiArashi Member UncommonPosts: 294


This ffrom officicial Guildwars Twitter account makes it seem likely.:  "The people of Cantha could become something more, a reflection of what our Empire truly deserves to be.” ~Reiko


And another:

"I'm understanding now that it's much easier to have beliefs than it is to stand up for them." ~Shen Su

Winds of Change part 2 is definitely on the way.


And yet another (originally in 2 parts):

“The people that find themselves oppressed will long for freedom, and then they will be ours. This way of life is all that we know, and we will live it to the fullest!” ~Apep 


One more:

It is a challenge you will face for the rest of your life, to not lose yourself to the pain that the emptiness brings." ~Wan Ra


It's coming today.


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