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Seriously underground..

quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

  So I was wondering if my fellow players could help me out..  In the past year or so I have really become interested in "indie" or "underground" multiplayer rpg type games.  I am wondering if there is a site that tracks these sort of underground games..


Ya know, games like Haven and Hearth, really small dev teams (or just 1 guy) maybe 1-200 players online type thing..  


 Or can anyone suggest a really small indie mmo? (doesnt have to be really good or anything)  


 Basically I am so bored to death of big name 3d mmos, and even smaller 3d/2d f2p type games.. Seems like I have atleast tried everything there is in the entire universe.. 


  So now I am obsessed with tiny unknown indie games... Anyway, if you can post some names for me, or know of a site that tracks this type of game let me know..

Thanks in advance.



  • DeathTouchDeathTouch Member UncommonPosts: 508

    Dawntide, xsyon, earthrise...


    dawntide is the only one in beta though. the others are pay to play.

  • CailaCaila Member Posts: 47

    Vendetta Online.

    It is 2004 space game with a small community but refuses to stop growing or go free to play. They recently released buildable multi-pilot capital ships and conquerable stations. 30 star systems with 256 seperate grids, three factions, mining, missions, battlegrounds, open PvP, trade, crafting and boss fights.

    A lot of the content is provided by volunteer players who make up most of the missions in game.

    Also you can aparently play it on your phone or something.

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