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Recruiting for PC POTATOES [LoL Team]

I am not sure if we are allowed to do this; so if this is breaking any rules of conduct, feel free to delete this message or disregard it.
The name pretty much says it all but the difference with this site compared to other gaming sites or gaming community is that we utilize the PC as a way to earn some income, and even YOU can make money.
Our website

Who exactly are we?

  • We live and breathe the PC. We're no Couch Potatoes, we're PC Potatoes, and we strive to build a strong, competitive, entertaining, gaming community for many.

Who do we need?

  • We need players who are interested in building a community together.
  • We also need LoL players to play with on regular basis (OUR contacts our below)


  • Couch Potato? No, a PC Potato
  • Community driven
  • Willing to build a strong organization
  • Visits our Headquarters on a regular basis
  • We do not want in-actives

You said we can make money?!?
As we said before, there are ways to make money EVEN if you're just a casual computer user/gamer... More info in: http://pcpotatoes.enjin.com/

Note: Trust me, we're not even asking for any information from you, this is exclusively just your personal way to make money.

How can I reach you guys?
Feel free to add us in-game...


WE WELCOME ALL OF YOU GUYS WITH OPEN ARMS! We hope to see you guys soon :)

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