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Looking for a new players perspective of "The Thing"

narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

I have a blog which I share things about Entropia Universe, but as a 3+ year player my perspective will obviously be different than new players comming into the game.

I have started seeking out new players to write down their experiences with starting out on the different planets within the Entropia Universe.

Recently I have had one about Arkadia,

and Next Island,


Now I am looking for someone interested in reviewing Calypso or Rocktropia for me.

Since "The Thing" area and mission/storyline was just released on Rocktropia it would be nice to get it done while its still fresh in peoples minds.

Neverdie Studios and Universal Pictures launch Hunt the THING

I am looking for someone who would be interested in playing for a week or so and writing their experiences.(screenshots would be nice as well) (you can get a feel for about what im looking for from the two links above)

I cant really offer any compensation since my blog is just a hobby blog, but if you decide that you like the game enough to stick around, I would be more than happy to help you learn the ropes in what I feel is one of the most competitive and chalanging games around.

For the Rocktropia/The Thing review you would want to go to their site and download the client,

Then create your avatar (its free) and log into the game.

Once on rocktropia go to New Harlem and do the starter missions there and once done with them and familiar with the game Teleport to the Arctic and play through "The Thing"

Depending on how much time you spend a day, this will likely take you a week or so without costing any money.

Anyone interested in helping me out with a review can pm me here and we can chat about specifics etc...

Heck if you write a good review submit it here as well and win yourelf more brownie point :P


Let me know what you guy think or if you have any questions,


thank you,


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