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IGN Beta Walkthrough {Wizard & Witchdoctor}

KhrymsonKhrymson Member UncommonPosts: 3,090

A very detailed playthrough of the beta, explaining all the menus and demonstrating the various class skills and how quickly you can swap out builds.  I especially love how incredibly fast everything loads when warping around and changing areas.  Being able to instantaneously join friends and meet up with them is great too.


The one thing I love more than anything, that I didn't know about before are the personal loot drops.  What you see on screen, nobody else does as they too have their own loot.  So no more frantically rushing around to grab loot, or random players popping into your sessions and stealing your drops and leaving.  Another thing I didn't know about was being able to sell drops directly from your inventory while out in the field, as well as breaking them down into crafting components.


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