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Diablo 3 key code for beta

Ritichi26Ritichi26 Member Posts: 46

Ok so I have been a Blizzard fan for a long time.  The problem is I played them a long time ago.  n order to get a Diable 3 beta code you have to have some blizzard game linked to your battle net account.  I have no way of getting these codes considering I played some of these games 10 years ago. 

I really want to get a beta key for diablo 3 but I don't see if this is going to happen :-/


If anyone has a way to get a blizzard code that I can link to a batle net account please let me know.


Thank you



  • dougmysticeydougmysticey Member Posts: 1,176

    Go sign up for a WOW free trial then link it to WOW. OR you could buy the excellent Starcraft II and play that. I think everyone will use the key they get and there is not a refer a friend to beta program in place.


  • Ritichi26Ritichi26 Member Posts: 46

    oo great idea about the free account  thanks


  • VarthanderVarthander Member UncommonPosts: 466

    Do not get offended but Blizzard dont care's your dedication to it, so in the end you will be procesed like another customer and thats all, you like everyone else have the same chance's to get a beta key, im still waiting and i submited for beta since the first day it was abailable so... patience my friend.


  • Ritichi26Ritichi26 Member Posts: 46

    Oh yeah I don't have high expectation, but it would be sweet.  I mean I have only played diablo from the first one, but whatev  lol  WOOT DUPING!!!

  • DAS1337DAS1337 Member UncommonPosts: 2,610

    A friend of mine got in.  He he's beaten the beta portion with all five characters.  I am very jealous.

  • Ritichi26Ritichi26 Member Posts: 46

    that must be nice.  I guess I will just have to wait for the game to go live :-/

  • Ritichi26Ritichi26 Member Posts: 46

    doing the free trial didn't work.  I also got my key for burning crusaides and that didn't work either.

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