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Question for Beta Participants!

Koen83Koen83 Member UncommonPosts: 66

Really simple >>> How  buggy is it? What is your opinion on how long will the beta take.

I have participated in betas and said this is no were near completion (VG,  launch as far as that) and others that had there stuff straight from the start. So say 2,4,6 months ..  I am all ears.



  • sbfbeefsbfbeef Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 58

    I was in the Friends and Family beta.  It wasnt all that buggy. Beta takes about 2 hours to go from start to finish.  Its not hard at all.


    Honestly i cant wait for the game to come out, but ive been passing around my beta account to friends for a week or 2 now. everyones has got a taste. 


    Ive tried all the classes, i enjoyed them all but Demon Hunter.  Its going to be a great co op game.  With them giving such a small amount in beta i assume its got to be getting close to being done.  Who knows. hope this helps

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