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Ship spinning will be back

GarkanGarkan Member Posts: 552

Any takers whether the fuss about Incarnage will die down a little after they return the hanger view and make the CQ optional? I think that if they had done this in the first place there would have just been some laughing about the stupid NeX(on) store prices and most people would have stayed in thier ships and there wouldnt have been so much anger. Extra lols are awarded for the bonus cyno effects bone throwing.

At the least it should buy CCP some time to try and get a decent expansion to try and solve the "where are my spaceships?" issue.

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  • LaterisLateris Member UncommonPosts: 1,766

    I would also argue that CCP needs to get rid of the vanity store and allow players to craft all incrana items. 

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