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With all DUE respect, apparently very little.



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    Originally posted by xm522

    Originally posted by PukeBucket

    Originally posted by xm522

    Originally posted by lennpell

    Clearly an idiot, call of duty and every game like it is known as an "F-P-S" it has its own genre and everything, you dont follow and live the life of your character, you act scenes in "First-Person-Shooter" mode. What has the education system come to =[.

    btw diablo 3 and every game like it have their own genre and are known as 'action rpg'

    Yeah, and further classification you can say Diablo-II falls into the rogue-like subgenre with it's hardcore mode. Diablo 3 will probably retain that.

    The classifications!?

    No wonder Pluto is no longer a planet.

    Cuz of you. You know who you are... YOU!

    i am sorry, but... what? there is no sub genre which can be used to classify a game... they are not the primal nature of the game.

    and as someone who studies physicist (major)... i can tell you that Pluto is not a planet. if we were to clasify pluto as a planet (as cute as he is), we would have to classify many other non-planetary bodies as planets.

    Action RPG is a subgenre.. lol. Diablo is listed as a RPG by the 'industry' it is the players who keep creating these other genres.

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    All, it is okay to share your thoughts and opinions about any games, but it is not acceptable to start the name calling and antagonizing other posters. MikeB has mentioned earlier on to leave this thread open - provided conversations are being kept civil. Since it has turned into circular arguments and several personal attacks, I am going to lock this thread.

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