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Rise of Immortals

shadeypwnsshadeypwns Mansfield, OHMember Posts: 41

Hello everyone! I'll be streaming my first impressions of Rise of Immortals, a new free to play MOBA on the PC market over at come check it out!


  • crisalixcrisalix BarcelonaMember Posts: 4

    Tried it out last beta phase... Complete ****. Character response is horrible. Pathing is the worst ive seen in any game. Champs are bad. Dont waste ur time. Wanna try a quality moba that in my opinion is better than LoL try realm of the titans

    Besides their contests which i cant enter anyway, it's a fairly horrible game, which disappoints me. I expected better from Petroglyph studios but it is just better than LOL in one point: music in game is sure Badass but just it.

    The gameplay isn't much different from any other MOBA, so it's fine in that regard; however, the graphics are just so bad. It's like a lesser form of Diablo 1's graphics.

  • shadeypwnsshadeypwns Mansfield, OHMember Posts: 41

    I like it, I'll be doing some videos on it a review/guides/etc. and streaming it over the next week or so at least

  • taigahallataigahalla NORCROSS, GAMember UncommonPosts: 9

    Haha it is an exact copy of Heroes of Newerth, and even a bit of League of Legends.

  • shadeypwnsshadeypwns Mansfield, OHMember Posts: 41

    Neither of those games have persistent champion levels, or a social hub.

  • quentin405quentin405 Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 468

     I really really wanted to try this game.. It being on Steam made it even more appealing.. I installed it, and appearently its incompatible with a bunch of AMD processors.. So i was like , uninstall :p


  • shadeypwnsshadeypwns Mansfield, OHMember Posts: 41

    That stinks :/

    I got lucky I guess with it working for mine

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