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Want this game to succeed. PS Vita could save it!!

I played this game in beta for both the PS3 and the PC.  it was a lot of fun BUT not for $15 a month.  With the PS Vita coming  soon and Sony boasting that its as powerful as the PS3, might games like DC Universe be supported? being able to play a MMO anywhere could really make a difference.

What do you think?


  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 3,246

    That is an interesting idea. The gameplay does lend itself nicely to the portable mantra of "playtime in bite sizes". Having said that, I wouldn't play it on the PSP rather than my laptop.

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

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