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EPIC New type of rpg/pbem

MajesticoMajestico Member UncommonPosts: 481

There is a world, fully mapped, filled with all manner of characters, with ongoing events occuring all the time.  It has been beautifully produced by a friend who has seen some of her work published. 

Now we are deciding to put together a game, played either through the traditional postal system, or online, where you can become your own character in this world.  I have taken the reigns as Games Moderator, and we shal be using a form of rules loosley based on the D&D 3.5 system, but only as the shell.

As a player you have a multitude of classes you can choose from, and after learning of your background, and home area, you are then free to do as you please and make your mark within the land of Tharfold (this is the name of the continent where the bulk of the game will be set).  Along the way you are destined to met sttange and interesting characters, visit strange lands, met with kings and lords.  Adventure is never far away, and you are guarenteed to be gripped. 

You don't need to know or learn book loads of lore, or master vast amounts of rules before you play, but it is all there and you will pick it up gradually, and as you do, the game will become even more alive to you.  Your turns are gracefully written accounts of the actions you tell us what you want your character to do.  If you have a spouse or partner, you can begin adventuring with them, or with a group of friends.  Or of course you may make friends and enemies of other player characters in the game. 

There is never a dull moment, and we recommend that you keep your turn results as they will read like a book, that you have created.  Let me know if you are interested in creating a character, and making your mark, be it for good or evil, or both then e-mail me at         [email protected]

RPG fans will love this.  Fantasy fans will love this.  Heck, even if this is normally not your thing, why not give it a go?

PS. With every post a sneaky hint at something big within the world will be included.  This one is just to let you know that something major happens around turn 50, which may affect all players.

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