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WARCRAFT SISTERS - Mal'Ganis Realm (US) [Horde Faction]

WoWSistersWoWSisters Member Posts: 1


We are a World of Warcraft community based on the Mal'Ganis Realm (US) - Horde Faction


The Guild

We class ourselves as a feminine community, but this does not mean just girls. Guys are very welcome to join.  We are very laid back, and our focus is to have fun and develop friendships. We have a large variety of forums that caters for everyone's needs and also a voice chat server. May we also point out that we are an evolving community, and any suggestions to improve the website or ideas of any kind will be considered and maybe implemented.


Though we are forming mainly a female leadership for the guild, we are also looking for knowledgeable players of the game to become officers (Male/Female).

Thank you and looking very forward to meeting you!

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