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Prepare Your Minds for Asura Week!

RameiArashiRameiArashi Member UncommonPosts: 294

Okay its official now, next week is Asura Week:



  • evolver1972evolver1972 Member Posts: 1,118

    I just wish it could be Release Week!  :D


    This is good, though, I've been wanting to find out more about the Asura and see some more artwork and videos.   Those little guys crack me up!


    You want me to pay to play a game I already paid for???

    Be afraid.....The dragons are HERE!

  • SteeJanzSteeJanz Member UncommonPosts: 334

    Originally posted by evolver1972

    I just wish it could be Release Week!  :D

    Well at least you get to check one more thing off the list.  :)

  • RameiArashiRameiArashi Member UncommonPosts: 294

    They have to reveal mesmer profession (lol) before release week.


  • RequiamerRequiamer Member Posts: 2,034

    Go go Asura.

    I'll be honest, the Asura looked totally retarded to me when i first read about GW2, i think it was one of the worst aspect of the game. But now i find them awsome, the way they are animated is just so funny, like in those cartoon, just great.

  • RameiArashiRameiArashi Member UncommonPosts: 294

    Nobody posted the links to the first two blogs of Asura Week?


    Asura Week:

    Monday part 1:

    Monday part 2:

    Tuesday part 1:

    Tuesday part 2:


    Thursday part 1:

    Thursday part 2:



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