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Did anyone notice CCP sneak in faster skill training for new players at extra cost?

evemaster00evemaster00 Member Posts: 171

Eve Online: Commissioned Officer Edition

Craft your own epic story in EVE Online. This special Commissioned Officer Edition contains 1 new account code, 30 days of subscription time, Get your pilot up to speed quickly with the exclusive in-game cerebral accelerator, a military-grade implant designed to significantly increase a new pilot's skill development. Pursue a career as an industrialist, trader, courier or smuggler. Experience the vastness of a world within a persistent universe where the dynamic economy is entirely player-operated. Choose from hundreds of skills as you build a character to suit your needs, and pursue your destiny in a world in which you are at the controls.

This edition can be used to start a new account or to convert a free trial or buddy program trial account into a full account with the access and benefits afforded to all EVE subscribers. The Cerebral Accelerator will be delivered to the first character created on the account and cannot be acquired through any other source.

Product Features:


  • New Account Key

  • 30 Days Paid Game- Time Subscription

  • Cerebral Accelerator - Military-grade implant that significantly increases a new pilot’s skill development. While they are a very strong boost to nearly all abilities, these bonuses are temporary and are only effective for the first 30 days of a pilot’s life as they get up to speed in the universe.



When the hell did this sneak this in?


  • genkiselgenkisel Member UncommonPosts: 22

    Last Year I used one with my Mian account when I started out it only helped a little.

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  • MMOtoGOMMOtoGO Member Posts: 630

    Well, considering the steep learning curve in EVE I think it's a good idea to give someone incentive to stick around.  Training speed in the first 30 days has no significant impact on gameplay at-large.  Now, if they started selling training boost pills in the cash shop for existing players, that may seem problematic.  This first-30-day thing is not the same thing in my opinion.

  • BritasBritas Member Posts: 46

    Originally posted by evemaster00

    When the hell did this sneak this in?


    This obviously isnt a good thing, but it will be rationalised by the fan base, the same way EQ2 live's fan base rationalise XP pots and top end mounts for newbies for sale in their shop as being 'non game effecting'.

    From what I have seen EvE's player base is great at rationalising things like this and pay for advantage mechanics (via plex), all the while looking down on others.

  • genkiselgenkisel Member UncommonPosts: 22

    I think when the Booster was implemented it was to help get through the Learning Skills a bit quicker aswell as make training a bit easier, but  aside from the booster and such te Poster that comes wiuth it is pretty cool.

    "Its Hot Drop-o-Clock" Clear Skies 3.

  • VultureSkullVultureSkull Member UncommonPosts: 1,774

    Also bear in mind that the "learning" skills have been taken out of Eve now, which used to be the main way to quicken learning of skills.

  • hfztthfztt Member RarePosts: 1,393

    Originally posted by evemaster00

    Eve Online: Commissioned Officer Edition

    When the hell did this sneak this in?


    [Irony] Oh, they where so stealth about it they only put it in a blog: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=1889

    I mean, who reads those anyways. They should have put a neon sign on the front page! [/Irony]

    This was about two weeks BEFORE they announced the removal of the learning skills.

    Granted, the learning skill removal made this bonus a lot nicer, but as it is unuseable by older chars its really just a gimmic to wheel people in faster.

    I guess thats why this failed to create any drama.

    Its a non-issue.

  • GarkanGarkan Member Posts: 552

    Its no problem really because the booster only works with new chars so its not like you could farm them for profit or in game advantage, they have to offer some incentive for the retail version or they never would have got a publishing deal.

    The players who buy the retail box have a small advantage over the ones who dont, but barring any problems with getting your hands on the box any new player can choose to get one instead of opening an account and downloading the client.

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  • SheistaSheista Member UncommonPosts: 1,203

    Also, this was done because they removed the 'starting skills' where you choose your 'path' and such when creating a character.  They made some changes and streamlined character creation.  Instead of starting with a pool of skillpoints in skills which you had virtually no control over, they made new players train skills faster up to a certain point, so you could choose what skills you wanted yourself.

    You're twisting this like it's a bad thing, but as already said, it was never snuck in.  It was a VERY well known change, and you're the first person I've seen complain about it.

  • Max_StrikerMax_Striker Member UncommonPosts: 262

    I think this is a good thing, an incentive to new players. They will never catch the veterans anyway but at least they have an easier start. Besides having new ppl playing is good for everyone so I think it's a good idea.

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293

    Kind of a none issue.

    It lasts 30 days from character creation and gets you rolling. Unlike exp potions and such from other games this really isnt unbalancing, if anything it helps new players get their feet under them. This isnt a OMG A CAP SHIP in 30 days implant, its a minor increase in your start time.

  • KomandorKomandor Member Posts: 272

    I also think it is a good addition. Nobody likes grind.

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