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(LFG) Free to Play that's Fantasy RPG, not Pay to Win, and with a reasonably priced cash shop... do

KenFisherKenFisher Member UncommonPosts: 5,035

Something I'm genuinely curious about, and would like to play.

Using these definitions for purpose of this post so we're all on the same page:

Pay to look good = cosmetic cash shop, misc services etc.

Pay to go faster = XP potions, purchasable mounts etc. that allow faster leveling.

Pay to skip gear-grind = Cash shop gear available, but doing so is not strongly imbalancing at any level.

Pay to win = Cash shop gear available, and without it (especially at higher levels) there's no way to stay competitive.

Excessively priced = A reasonable gameplay experience requires purchases in excess of $10 per month or so.


Restricting suggestions to fantasy RPG quest-grinder or mob-grinder...

Do you know of a game that's free to play, not pay to win, and not excessively priced?


Please treat this as a legit LFG request.  I realize there's strong anti-F2P sentiment, but can we skip the trolls?  I'm looking for a game to play, not trying to start arguments.

Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.


  • SeinaruSeinaru Member Posts: 109

    Guild Wars, it's b2p, but it's cheap nowadays and besides that its cash shop is completely not p2w.

    Vindictus, you can pay to level faster or buy fancy underwear

    Most games by PWE, the latest being Forsaken World, typically offer cash shop item upgrades; but, cash shop items and even currency is tradeable between players so you can grind to get them.

    Perhaps to an extent LOTRO / DDO. They're like... pay $100+ to unlock most of the content and that's pretty much it. Depending on how much you normally spend on MMOs they can save you money

    If you count it as an MMO, LoL is one of the cheapest f2p games ever. You can unlock everything but cosmetic stuff just by playing it.

  • terrantterrant Member Posts: 1,683

    LOTRO or DDO. Can't think of any cash shop items that are so OP they break the game. Worst case, maybe a fotm race/class on DDO, but I don't even think that's an issue. Plus you can earn their item shop currency ingame (albiet slowly)

  • PingmeisterPingmeister Member Posts: 51

    Zentia!  Actually quite a good game.

  • Cpt_PicardCpt_Picard Member Posts: 300

    I'll throw in my usual suggestions, LOTRO, and since you gave no other requirements, Eternal Lands. Lotro is at the moment the highest quality (in many peoples opinion) F2P game in the market.


    Eternal Lands is sort of a cult game that plays a bit like Ultima Online (Skill based, non themeparkish). The game itself is rather small and is truly worth anyone's five minutes. The game has a solid community and is entirely free and is well polished.


    If you want to veer out of the realm of fantasy, I recommend POTBS. After you shell out the $15 at any point in time, almost all restrictions (And truly almost all, the only thing you are truly locked out of are a couple quest lines which are rather irrelevant to the core of the game) and can compete in end game as good as the next player. The game's 4v4 RVR is excellent.

    Make it so...

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Member UncommonPosts: 1,370

    Age of Conan in it's f2p format.

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