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Newb question about player content

CistaCistaCistaCista Member Posts: 26


I am trying to get my  head around the concept of player content in SL.

One major difference from a traditional MMO is the lack of resources. Content is designed and created by players without use or transport of resources (correct?), so there is no resource-based economy.

There also does not appear to be a traditional MMO marketplace, where I can buy a costly item and later resell it. At least I don't see that happen?

For instance, if I create an uber flashy shoe, can I just create as many of them as I want?

Horsebreeding seems to be one exception, as I see an actual market for buying and selling rare horses. However since the whole horse industry (e.g. Amaretto horses) is player driven, the attributes of the horses are subject to changes made from the mother company Amaretto (?).

So here is my question then: what if Amaretto the company stopped their business, will all the horses you own simply disappear from the game? What about all the money that players had spend to buy horses?

In contrast, if I disappear from the game, I don't expect that the shoes I created will disappear.

So please help me understand the logic of how this works, thx.


  • fuzonacidfuzonacid Member Posts: 4

    basically you are right unless you created something on yor computer and then uploaded it for sale. If LInden Labs disappears every red cent you paid for items is gone since it's stored on their servers. I have been told it is considered play money so you got to be careful. So if you sell shoes that you built you can make as many copies you want. Not sure you can download themn to your PC however for backup. RL is the same. Tomorrow of the Government says your paper money or stocks are worthless...then it is and as we all know that has happened.

  • outlaw_countryoutlaw_country Member Posts: 5
    is there a place for us newbie to buy some stuffs?
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