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[Grandia] ¤ Unity ¤ Teamwork ¤ Friendship ¤ {Storm Legion server}

HestiaHestia Member Posts: 119


¤ Never Get Left Behind ¤


~ Enjoy the game with a Guild Base ~

Dedicated members, Amazing teamwork, Helpful, Active chat, International players, Active Ventrilo.

If you need a guild to call "Home", Grandia is GUARANTEED to provide what you need. Fun, friendly, helpful community and environment. We are a very well organized level 5 guild that is located in the Storm Legion server of Forsaken World. Recruiting players new and old, this is a guild that have existed since Open Beta (March 15th 2011) while we continue to thrive by this second. No one in Grandia are ever left behind as we are ONE and we UNITE together. We have a lot of fun times, laughs and jokes while we aim to be one of the high ranking guild on this server by going for QUALITY first over quantity! We accept players from all over the world and of any ages that are able to follow our Code of Conduct.

We DO NOT accept ALTs. 


  • Assassin - 40+


  • Bard - 30+


  • Mage - 40+


  • Marksman - 30+


  • Priest - 35+


  • Protector - 30+


  • Vampire - 40+


  • Warrior - 30+

All members and applicants are expected to understand and abide our Code of Conduct.

Grandia provides it's members with in-game support/services such as:

  • Group questing/hunting

  • Group Instances

  • Guild competitions and events

  • Guild Wars

  • Guild Base (Located at Windcry Farm trackstone, Kalaries Plain)

  • World boss hunts

  • Ventrilo (Voice Chat Program)

  • Fully functional, user-friendly website & forums












You may contact any of us if you have any questions/concerns about the guild.

{Grandia} Scheduled Campfires

Now that we have our Dining Hall Level 2 (which gives Campfire Level 2, gaining more EXP than a Level 1) we have finally scheduled public campfires! Here are our available time slots where you can visit. image Please do remember that these times are based on EST SERVER TIME.

  • 1 AM EST

  • 2 PM EST

We hope to see you there! image  Enjoy FREE delicious EXP!

We have also recently changed our site theme and decided the things that represent us.

The Dragon is our mascot. Green is our color! image

Do you meet these requirements and/or is interested? Do not hesitate to apply! NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS ARE ASKED! It is very simple and easy. You can also access all of our guild features. Don't hesitate to check us out and/or apply now!

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