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What will Blizzard do?



  • PaithanPaithan Member Posts: 377

    Originally posted by Talint

    Hello MMORPG community,
    We all know that Blizzard is a whore for money.  Well... all companies are, but that's besides the point.  Everytime a game is released, Blizzard does something to hinder making people switch over.  Whether is be the release of an expansion, a huge patch, or some other little way to hinder another company.  
    So my question to is,  What will Blizzard do?

     Same thing they've always been doing. Flash the sequel or an expantion for one of their titles to be released in 2-3 years from now.

  • 4getting20094getting2009 Member UncommonPosts: 178

    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    Originally posted by teakbois

    They are already giving in to a big community want that the developers have been against, the appearance slots.
    Deathwing will be soon, and 4.4 will be 'a world event leading up to the next expansion'.  My guess is that world event will be what youll see in January to draw the people back from SWTOR.  Blizzcon will likely unveil the features of the next expansion, which is due out quarter 2 next year, at Blizzcon.  So there will be lots of expansion hype.
    My guess is they will introduce both new races and a new class, since that will draw players back (without the competition incoming I bet it would just be a new class.  I would bet youll see guild halls (another HUGE request), but not housing (too costly to implement right (aka EQ2 or SWG style) with 11 million players).
    Expansion will probably have some type of public quest sytem and psuedo-dynamic content (EQ2 has added PQs as well before Rift even came out, these will be an industry standard soon enough).  The big one, that I don't think Blizzard will do, is an AA type system.  You never know though.

    I want to address some things stated here.


    The next X-pac (based on the LIST conspiracy) is the Emerald Dreams. (This however does conflict with the Mists of Pandaria TM. )thats makes sense, because Blizzard recently launched a book dealing with the lore behind the bad things going on in the dream  ( An even more recent book will be released soon dealing with Pandaria.) (just like Anet released a GW2 book months before GW2 comes out. same thing here. Blizzard does this kind of thing)


    ANd yes there will be a new class. GhostCrawler has stated several times after their experience with class balance post DK they will not add any new classes. if you do the secret event in Kalmador, you will find a scroll (AND A DRUID AND A DEMON HUNTER) trapped in a cave. When you kill the Demon Hunter the scroll drops which the Scroll say its a riitual for becoming a Demon Hunter.


    Again the Druid thats in the cave is another Symbolism, since many of the first Demon Hunters were nightelf druids, Illidan being the first Demon Hunter was twin brother to one of the most powerful druids. Yet Illidan was a mage and deemed not talented enough to be a druid by Cenarius.

    Blizzard has a way with their symbolism. you have to keep a eye on it.

    The new class is Demon Hunters. No idea what their PvE roles will be, but all classes have a DPS role, so we know that will be in there (since Blizzard will never or almost never revert back to the concept of Support only classes [Paladin = Tank/Healer not DPS for example back in TBC]. Blizzard would upset many people by making such a game design again unless it was able to fight well in PvP unlike TBC Paladins)


    I been speculating on the lore and what will happen.


    I have come to this conclusion, that in the lore, the NIGHTMARE will return (seeing that right now in CATA the Old Gods are coming back into focus).

    Well you may be wondering, how the Nightmare can come back if it was destroyed in the book.

    Well this is the mistake many of the readers made. the NIGHTMARE WAS DEFEATED, BUT THE SOURCE OF THE NIGHTMARE REMAINS ANONYMOUS (OLD GODS WORK).

    So no, the book didnt fully stop the Nightmare, only defeats the Nightmare Lord.

    Also you may be wondering what the Emerald Dreams have to do with Demons if the next X-pac is in the Nature Land of the Dreams.

    Well again going back to the book,,,, the Emerald Dream has a path to the Twisted Nether (The Burning Legion Travels through the twisitng nether, but they live on worlds like the rest of the populous in the WoW cosmos.) (WHICH IS WHERE DEMONS COME FROM HINT HINT). also the Old Gods made some unknown deal with the Legion during the great sundering. (we call that deal DeathWing) it makes sense that the Old Gods would summon forth the Legion to help them gain control of the Emerald Dream and the Green Dragon Aspect.

    From my theory on the Old God, the Aspects are the Keys to their prisons.  (No, this is the Titans, while the aspects were empowered by the titans, it is the titans power that is imprisoning them.) so by killing each aspect, they become closer to freedom from the Titan's prison. Well how will they go about this. (We killed the Blue Aspect already. Next the Black Aspect.  ( Blue Aspec (now Varegos(sp))t and Black Aspect will be replaced in Cata (Thrall is taking DeathWing's place.) Well a Emerald Dream x-pac opens up a chance for the Green Aspect to die. Hint hint) (If this even happened Malfurion would step up.)

    Also remember how I said Blizzard has a way with Symbolism?  Well keep in mind, on a lore level, each time we fight one of these major bosses (By major I am talking the most powerful of badassery in the lore, like Aspects, and Reggy and Lich King for examples)

    We are always accompanied by a opposite lore figure that is also powerful enough to balance out the power in the fight from a lore point of view.


    *Blue Aspect (Bad)=Red Aspect (our helper who is equal in power)

    *Lich King (Bad)= Trion/Ashbringer (our Helper)

    *Death Wing (Bad) = Red Aspect+ Mal (our helpers)

    Well if we fight the Green Aspect, wouldnt we need a equal helper in power? Again Symbolism: Blizzard had the Green Aspect in the book to say to Mal that he is more powerful than she is (Hint hint, we have our helper here)

    I speculate that the Old Gods will choose a new champion to lead their nightmare against Mal. and that champion is no other than the Naga Queen. I beleive She will be held for when her betrothed Sargeras (The ultimate WoW bad) shows is face, just a guess though.

    Symbolism Hint: In Cata, they were about to fight each other in darkshore, but she just laughed at him and slither off like he was no threat. that show how powerful she is, yet she isnt even a boss in CATA. She will be the new Nightmare lord We have 2 more Old Gods to go. They really only put one champion forth, well ever...DeathWing...they work through, fear, doubt, nightmare...

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