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Looking for your advice on a free to play, or buy to play MMORPG ...

DonHolidayDonHoliday Member Posts: 30

Hi, i recently left Jade Dynasty (agian) from tired of non-stop grinding in an attempt to reach, ascension. I am still a massive fan of the Free to play fantasy themed mmorpgs, however I am growing tired of this massive grind feast to reach a high level. So here is what I am looking for:

1) A free to play or buy to play mmorpg (not pay to play (Subscripton based))

2) A decent amount of Varied side and or main quests

3) A decent rate of leveling

4) Nice graphics help, but aren't a necessary.

As i said in number 1, it must be free to play or buy to play. I recently decided it may be a good idea to look for buy to play MMORPGs, mainly because what i wanted could be a big ask from a free to play. Thanks everyone,




  • cali59cali59 Member Posts: 1,634

    If you want B2P, you should definitely give Guild Wars a look if you haven't already.  You can pick up the trilogy of standalone games for $30 or it's even been in a Steam sale for as low as $15.  There's also a separate expansion you can buy.  It's a game that originally came out in 2005, and it's technically a CORPG instead of a MMORPG, but it's still a very good game and quite a lot of content for that price.  One thing in particular that's noteworthy about the game is that the servers never go down.  They tweak and update fairly often, but do it without bringing the servers offline or requiring long patching.

    If you do like it or even if you don't, definitely check out Guild Wars 2 probably releasing early next year.  It's almost a completely different game and a true AAA quality MMO in every sense, yet still remaining B2P.

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  • kylekbbkylekbb Member Posts: 165

    I am waiting a bit but im bout to go back And check out Age Of Connan that or LOTRO. Are your best bets till Archage or GW2 is out here.


    If you do want to try a ptp in the future then i recomend RIFT. The team behind it is smart and caring the game its self has its flaws. But  it is a decent one i am waiting on it though to come out with a bit more endgame.


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  • MendelMendel Member RarePosts: 2,386

    Have you considered LotRO?  It is free-to-play, and you can expand the game via Turbine Points which can be earned in game.  So far, I haven't spent a dime on it.  Playing it as F2P can be very time consuming -- the in-game rewards and price structures are frustratingly far apart.  The store does offer frequent discounts on specific features, so careful shopping can really pay off.  Cash can be used to purchase Turbine Points (TPs), but the rate seems to be about 75 pomts per dollar.

    You can, however, create 2 characters per server and all points accumulate into the account, so you can create a character, complete a few deeds and get 25-50 points in under a dozen hours of play.  Then delete the character and run the same deeds again with a new character.  If you try this method, I'd recommend getting about 500 points before you consider making a 'main character'.  There's quite a few kill deeds that give 5 TPs and most are followed by and advanced deed that gives another 10 TPs.  And there is one pretty big exploration quest for each starting area that gives 10 or 15 TPs.

    LotRO definitely rewards a very dedicated and focused playstyle.  If you have the time and patience, it can be truly free.  I've been playing actively for a month, and I've accumulated about 700 points total.  I feel I'd be much further along if I weren't so easily distracted by crafting and playing with the Auction House.

    And it's difficult to find a better lore in a game than LorRO can (and does) offer.  The crafting is pretty interesting, too.

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  • SeinaruSeinaru Member Posts: 109

    Those requirements are kinda vague. Out of the games I've played and can recommend, the following fit those requirements:


    -Guild Wars (actually all of those apply pretty strongly for GW)




    -Dragon's Nest



    GW2 is b2p. LOTRO, DDO, and EQ2 are all freemium (you'll have to pay for something eventually). Vindictus and Dragon's Nest are f2p and not very cash shop reliant

  • WicoaWicoa Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

    Lotro, soon City of heroes or GW2 next year.

  • DonHolidayDonHoliday Member Posts: 30

    Thanks everyone, and sadly i have all of the guild wars collection, I've played them to death. LotRO is one i didn't try, only because of the sheer size of the downloader. I may give it a go. Also I would love to try Vindictus, but it is not available to us in the EU, or so i have been told. I was looking at Rift today aswell, i was almost going to buy it, untill i realised it was Pay to play. Keep posting please, thanks to everyone that has posted. I've played so many Free mmorpgs, so i'm really trying to find more buy to play mmorpgs. There is something nicer about having a case and disk, rather than a downloaded programme. But still, thanks to everyone. 


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