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Beta keys - post 'em - NO Trading Allowed



  • alkrmralkrmr Member UncommonPosts: 236

    all out guys

  • AysenDarKAysenDarK Member Posts: 1

    Hi guys, if anyone has an extra key I would love to have one :)

    Thanks in advance!

  • S1K3SS1K3S Member Posts: 4

    I'd love to have a key as well if anybody has an extra one. Thanks!

  • solpariahsolpariah Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Oh man, a key would be amazing. I've been watching this game for quite some time. Sci-fi fans unite! If anyone has a key though, I'd be immensely grateful, haha!

  • DewolfDewolf Member Posts: 6

    there is a person at giving a couple of beta keys out if ya want to try there... I got one from there, but I have been a registered member there for a little while, can't hurt to try though.. maybe.. 



  • ZoktavirZoktavir Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Been watching this game for a while, it looks absolutely amazing, and I would definitely appreciate a key. I have a TERA key to trade if that helps.

  • thormamthormam Member Posts: 1

    I would love a betakey! I have a TERA key to trade.

  • EladiEladi Member UncommonPosts: 1,143

    Beg beg beg beg <insert more beg>  key plz? (im bored..)

  • AmjocoAmjoco Member UncommonPosts: 4,860

    I'm not going to beg but I would appreciate a code so I can check it out. :)

    Death is nothing to us, since when we are, Death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.

  • chefe69chefe69 Member UncommonPosts: 14

    if someone has beta key pm me ... I'm tired of waiting ... I want to play this great game: s


    [email protected]

  • saurus123saurus123 Member UncommonPosts: 676

    wish to trade Path of exile key for firefall key pm me

  • crescens87crescens87 Member UncommonPosts: 34

    i would love a beta key if anyone has an extra please private message it to me, Thanks

  • MechaXMechaX Member Posts: 2

    i have a ghost recon online ebta key here..anybody wanna trade with a firefall beta key?

  • AWAXAWAX Member UncommonPosts: 27

    I'd love to try the beta if anyone has a spare key,

    in return i can send you a beta invite to Tribes: Ascend or a star wars the old republic 7 day trial key if you really want one lol.

    edit: fail english.

    edit: i can also trade a super monday night combat beta key

  • skyflareskyflare Member Posts: 1

    I'm eager to try this beta. Been on their forums since September 2010 with no response. Hopefully someone here might notice. I'm willing to trade my Super Monday Night Combat Invite for a firefall beta code.

  • mymhermymher Member UncommonPosts: 8

    Would love a beta key if some kind person out there got one to spare. 


  • digikotadigikota Member Posts: 3

    if you have a spare key i would be honored if you could give it to me. anyone who has waited longer than i can surly get it before me for i have no rush to get one and would gladly give an extra key if i had one myself.

  • Jackjack01Jackjack01 Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Key is gone

  • uberevanuberevan Member Posts: 1

    Jack ill buy  that from you for $35


  • dwerosdweros Member Posts: 2

    trading section 8 on steam for a firefall beta key or sexual favors, part of my soul, whatever just want a key, message me if interested

  • Xin1Xin1 Member Posts: 34

    Do miracles really happen??


    I doubt if i will ever get one mailed to me...


  • Spriggan05Spriggan05 Member Posts: 63

    I'd love a key if anyone has any spare :)! Would greatly appreciate it! 

    Current MMO: Nothing
    Waiting For: FireFall, GW2

  • ModfieModfie Member Posts: 1

    Hi i would love a firfefall betakey :). If i get a betakey i will send the betakey i get from getting a betakey to the next person :)


    please send to my mail [email protected] :) thx in advance.

  • KyrinovKyrinov Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I'd love a beta key if anyone has a spare one, been wanting to play this since it first emerged.


    - Kyr

  • SyoreSyore Member Posts: 1

    I would like a beta key if theres a spare one...image

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