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Beta keys - post 'em - NO Trading Allowed

pwnasauruspwnasaurus Member UncommonPosts: 71

As many of you may or may not know, FF is not in cloesd beta stage! Hold the applause unless it's for me.


In this thread we will post the buddy invite keys if we have them


[mod edit- updated topic to indicate no trading policy]



  • VexiusxVexiusx Member UncommonPosts: 212

    I'm looking for one!!!


    Altough i must warn you that nobady will get a buddy key until after the first month of beta, after that people will start getting a buddy key to invite other people.


    So unless people are willing to give their own key i dont see this thread becoming a succes yet until next month.

  • theDukeytheDukey Member UncommonPosts: 102

    ive been registered since the website went up, didnt get a key :(


    was really looking forward to this one.


    if anyone gets one, pass it on! :)

  • FadedbombFadedbomb Member Posts: 2,081

    I need a key! I'll pass on any extras I'm sent :)!

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  • Superman0XSuperman0X Member RarePosts: 2,287

    They will start giving out keys later today. I would expect to see invites in 8 hours or so.

  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 11,888

    If I get some keys I'll post them as well.  Really looking forward to this one.

  • cyress8cyress8 Member Posts: 832

    Will also post my keys if I grab some. Just so I have more people to shoot. :D


  • Mad+DogMad+Dog Member UncommonPosts: 779

    Send me a key or keys, got lots of people to give em to.

  • dougmysticeydougmysticey Member Posts: 1,176

    Would love a beta key if someone is gracious enough to spare me one.


  • Ic3CroWIc3CroW Member Posts: 11

    Looking for a key as well. It would be lovely if someone could share :3

  • ArquitetoArquiteto Member Posts: 228

    Same here. If I get sent a key I will share them with the posters. The more the merrier.

  • BotgbBotgb Member Posts: 4

    Very much please could I have one, if there are any keys about?

  • QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 682

    Give ot me beta key for I to play!!! .....sorry got excited and went all cavemany, I would love a key!

  • TakeoJusticeTakeoJustice Member UncommonPosts: 73

    I'd love a key as well. If I get into the beta I'll share any keys I can.

  • JalitanJalitan Member UncommonPosts: 104

    Originally posted by Superman0X

    They will start giving out keys later today. I would expect to see invites in 8 hours or so.

    I am looking for a key as well. If the keys go out later today, they give us buddy keys, and I get one: I will post back to share the love.

  • stromp45stromp45 Member UncommonPosts: 159

    Id love a key as well and if i get one ill do the same

  • YoghurtBoxYoghurtBox Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I will trade the soul of my first-born for a key!

  • powerbaitpowerbait Member Posts: 113

    I'd love a key as well, long long time tribes player... competative fps player as well would love to get my hands on this!!   If anyone has a key that they would be willing to share I'd appreciate it!  Thanks in advance!

    [email protected]  or just message me here.  Thanks!



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  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242

    I'd love a key:)

  • AzarithAzarith Member UncommonPosts: 52

    Share the beta love? Could really use a key if anyone has a spare they could send my way, it would be much appreciated.

  • VryheidVryheid Member UncommonPosts: 469

    Sure, I'd love a key. I've been in a lot of disappointing MMO betas in the past year or so but Firefall looks like it will be a whole new level of awesome. I'm a big gamer and am definitely not going to abandon it a week after getting access like some beta players do. Also, I could probably make it worth your while in-game (if you wanted credits or such), if that's your thing.

  • VengerVenger Member UncommonPosts: 1,309


  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    Are they actually planning on giving out buddy keys, Google Beta style?

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  • cougheecoughee Member Posts: 28

    Originally posted by lizardbones

    Are they actually planning on giving out buddy keys, Google Beta style?

    From what I've been reading that appears to be the case.

    Can't wait to try this one out.

  • PantherninpoPantherninpo Member UncommonPosts: 90

    I would appreciate it if someone who gets a key would PM me one.  Thank you in advance.


  • MauroDiogoMauroDiogo Member UncommonPosts: 53


    Just wondering if anyone had a spare key (PM Me if you do, please!). Been keeping an eye on this game for ages and would love to try it out.


    Thanks in advance! :-) 

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