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why is a game that's dead since 2009 on the top 10 list??

gagaliyagagaliya Member Posts: 54

why is shadowbane on the top 10 most popular game list? when it was shut down at 2009. 



  • LawlieLawlie Member Posts: 49

    not sure, but i do remember playing this game as some kind of bird man flying around.. lol

  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    It's stated on that list.

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  • EvilkanebelEvilkanebel Member Posts: 20

    Was a great title, just a mismanaged mmo with tons of balance and bug issues, however it would be nice to hear if there ever will be a Shadowbane 2.


    A nice article about the game over on massively.


  • DaftDaft Member UncommonPosts: 165

    I loved this game

  • luvbooxluvboox Member Posts: 87

    I really really reeeaaaaaallllly miss this game. If someone were to revive this game, update graphics, and solve some of the problems SB had, they could have a huge blockbuster title on their hands. The PvP gamer realm is a lot more developed than it was at the time of SB, and I think someone could use those lessons learned and make the PvP/PvE/Sandbox game that millions of people would be more than willing to pay for. 

  • TheBlackLGNTheBlackLGN Member Posts: 1

    I played with the Rolling 30's in Shadowbane. I had played just about every PvP game that came out before it dating back to Ultima Online and Dark Sun Online, as well as many since. Shadowbane was truly special. Each server / world evolved a unique political dynamic and means of governance fully controlled by the players. Some worlds were dictatorial with a single player and ruling faction dominating. Others developed collaborative relationships and were far less violent (for Shadowbane).

    On our server the R30 nation dominated, claiming the most valuable spawning lands for themselves and forbidding non nation members from setting foot upon it. Doing so would result in the R30s' placing a bane upon you city and burning it to the ground. With cities taking many months to construct and evolve and the work of many hundreds of players laboring countless hours, it was a truly devastating loss to have your cities reduced to smoking ruins. Server lag was a big problem in large scale wars. Also the game dynamics were extremely harsh and losing your city and entire nation was often too much for players to take. 

    For me as a PvPer it ranks up there with my time spent in DSO, UO Napa/Atlantic/Siege Perilous and Guild Wars beta. For all its faults, it was IMO one of the greatest PvP based MMO undertakings ever realized.  It certainly deserves a place on any top ten list. 




  • mmoluvammoluva Member UncommonPosts: 323
    Shadowbane is the best game I have played.

  • Ender4Ender4 Member UncommonPosts: 2,247

    I disconnected from the forums 5 times just reading this thread. The errors just killed any chance. The PvE stunk too which makes for a poor game even if the PvP works.

  • AsterivethAsteriveth Member UncommonPosts: 107
    This game was awesome. It was one of the only games that I felt as though I was actually part of something that had an effect on the game.  I remember fondly many nights charging into battles with my mino barb screaming MORLOCH!!!!
  • GaDarkmanGaDarkman Member Posts: 1
    They are actually remaking this game @
  • GrummusGrummus Member UncommonPosts: 136
    Because the whole genre is dead, and Bli$$zard killed it .
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