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LoTRO grabs my attention again

chakalakachakalaka Member UncommonPosts: 291

So I just started anew in the wonderful world of Tolkien, I began the game on Vilya and spent about 3 years there... took a break and just recently started the F2P (I'll most likely be subscribing again but for now just beginning anew and using the points I have) mission on the Landroval server. Anyways I was very pleasantly surprised to find about 50-100 characters just running around in archet, combe and the surrounding area even though I'm sure there is more than that, that was what I saw and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. So if you're looking for a what seems to be LEGIT f2p model, look no further than Lotro. See you in game and whisper me if you need grouping=)


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