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Creeps will be able to buy creep skills in Lotro Store + some other p2w things :)

SulaaSulaa Member UncommonPosts: 1,329




When acquired, this item will teach you the rank 13 skill, Revenge. This skill is a ranged attack that deals extreme damage when your target is below 50% morale. You do not need to meet any rank requirements to learn this skill when purchased from the LOTRO Store."

The skills all seemed to be in the 395-595 TP range. (Interestingly, it looks like I could purchase Improved Vital Target w/o having Vital Target, and both are the same price).

Class traits range in price from 195-495 TP.

Rank 1 corruptions are 195 TP. I don't know what rank 2 or rank 3 corruptions will cost.

Racial Traits range from 195-395 TP.

I did not see passives available.

Maps are 395 (Crude), 495 (Poor), and 595 (Good). Plus a 95 TP Good Grams map. Oh, and some testers have found that your good maps now share a cooldown, and mapping will unstealth you (the latter is perhaps a bug, though)."



Safe fall for 1 hour. (Usable in combat/Usable on a fallen injury which it removes it and puts the Fall immunity buff on you)

Disarm immunity for 5 minutes, Fear immunity for 5 minutes.

Consumable brands, 1 minute duration, 5 minute cd.

Morale and Power pots that HoT.

You can buy your maps.

Tracking Talisman. Works for every type of freep race. (So if you're a reaver, and want to track a man, you can.)

You can also buy curative potions. They cure song, tact, physical, cry effects. Up to 3 of them."





  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Member Posts: 592

    Hmm, that sounds interesting.....wonder if people who buy that will be ostracised by the CREEPS.

  • starwarsnutstarwarsnut Member UncommonPosts: 230

    hey according to sapience the store doesnt offer advantage only convience lol.

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Member Posts: 592

    All that stuff listed for creeps translates into a more powerful creep army....if ppl buy the maps, corruptions, etc.

    I would assume they are pricey so I don't see a lot of that happening.

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