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Anyone still playing this?

DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 234

Im looking for a leveling partner or somthing. this game is pretty cool but i cant find anyone. just leave me a message in here! i live in the US East coast.



  • GandrellGandrell Member Posts: 22

    I am, just got back into the game the other day cause I am compleatly sick of rift and with the new patch add on comming at the end of next month I figured I start a new char and lvl up a bit and give this game one last shot. So if ya still playing let me know. My in-game char name is Gorg and I play on the light.

  • momodigmomodig Member UncommonPosts: 555

    I'm giving it a go again just had a big patch - which server everyone on, free or paid?

  • there is only one server. what are ur ign, and when are you online ?

  • SonictempalSonictempal Member Posts: 55

    I'll give it a try..let u know when my tune is made...

  • DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 234

    my name is Doomclap and ill be on tomorrow november 14 at 8pm EST.


  • I play almost around 19h - 24h GMT+1, my ign is Gyla or Ajatara

  • bosmer24bosmer24 Member UncommonPosts: 116

    The only flaw to me in this game is forcing people to quest.Sometimes you need a break from doing quests to gain exp.I think i reached level 9,and i needed 36k experience to reach  level 10,but the quests dried up and mobs were only giving  70 - 110 exp per kill.

    This was some time ago,not sure if the game has improved since then or not.I just hate when any mmo forces you to do quests in order to progress.Quests are fun,but they should be optional.

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