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Really Easy Fix to Bring Players Back. Please Listen.

fistormfistorm Member UncommonPosts: 868

     This game is pretty old now, and population is pretty low.   I ask this of the devs.  Please put in faster health regen after fights and power regen,  without having to use potions.    Make it come back as fast as lotro players health and mana bars.  Please.   


     This will help allow us to solo, and go to our old stomping grounds to xp on dark blues and light blues nonstop.   Please do this as a favor for a old long time customer and for all your existing customers. 


This is a simple and very very low cost fix.  Thats all I'm asking, would mean the world to me.


  • CasualMakerCasualMaker Member UncommonPosts: 862

    Better yet: just release for general use the PC client that devs evidently use in supporting the game. I have Station Pass access to EQOA, if only I had a way to play it.

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