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I found a free Ultima Online server with a good roleplaying community

KeglanekKeglanek Member UncommonPosts: 10


I have found a free server for Ultima Online with a high roleplaying community called In Por Ylem 2 it seems alot of veteran players from the OSI servers (roleplay and other wise) have came here. The game is made like it was when Ultima first came out (pre AOS) with no artifacts and none of the expansions.

Dont get me wrong its a hard server  to play as PvP is all over except towns and such and it does take a while to gain your skills up but  its a great game with lots of people willing to help out and theres a good strong roleplayer bases if you can get around the graphics. Ill put the link below and hope to see you in Sosaria.


  • kishekishe Member UncommonPosts: 2,012

    You know advertising private servers here will risk you getting banned?

  • KeglanekKeglanek Member UncommonPosts: 10

    really oops

  • NamelessRPNamelessRP Member Posts: 1

    Yeah, you will prob get banned. Besides IPY is rubbish, it is too custom made. UORevived is better just like the old experience and it realeses soon

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