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Do you think these new series of patches will fix this game?



  • HyanmenHyanmen Member UncommonPosts: 5,357
    1.19 won't fix the game completely. Here's what needs to be done: 1) server&engine overhaul 2) area design overhaul 3) user interface overhaul 4) AH. Plus additional content. Everything is coming sooner or later.

    Spring 2012 at the earliest, Summer at the latest.
    Using LOL is like saying "my argument sucks but I still want to disagree".
  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    I think they will, at this point the only thing I would have them do is focus on getting more content in the game, which is upcoming from what I understand. I also agree with others that mentioned area revamps, they are still for the most part pretty bland.

    Assuming even after fixing everything though, the problem will be getting players to come back. There are several new games on the way next year offering arguably new features to the MMO genre people are excited about, I can't really see what FFXIV would be able to draw players back with very effectively at that point. Hopefully the game will just be able to retain a commited playerbase to it, much like XI or EQ1.

    Then again, i'm not all disappointed in the games current population. I'm not sure if the server lists is being entirely honest about how populated each is, but in-game there seems to be plenty of people still around, granted they've all migrated to Ul'dah it seems.

  • HyanmenHyanmen Member UncommonPosts: 5,357
    Playstation 3.
    Using LOL is like saying "my argument sucks but I still want to disagree".
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