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While we wait for Gw2 / Swtor

quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

 I know alot of you are dying to play your new release mmorpg of choice..  I know I am, and there are no other MMOS I want to play, Ive either tried it before, or it does not interest me.. One of the upcoming titles we are all talking about is probably my last attempt to have a "main" mmo.. BUT thats not what this is about..


Myself and a few friends have been very bored waiting for the new games to release.. and I thought I would tell you what I have been playing to pass the time.. Note: These are all very cheap  and maybe you havent heard of them! Also most are single player!


Terraria is awesome, its like 2D minecraft but much much deeper. It can be played with many people online, but there is no server browser so you have to play with friends or find one on a forum. It is 9.99 USD on steam.


Jamestown - The best top down shooter I have played in years, it can be brutally difficult at times, many things to unlock. So many hours lost to this game to the late night "Just one more try, I know I can beat this level on insane difficullty THIS time" 9.99 on steam.


S.P.A.Z (space Pirates and zombies)  Weird title, old school space trader / battle sim. In a nutshell, explore huge galaxy collecting blueprints for ships, upgrade and customize your squad of ships and kill more pirates and zombies :-)  Sounds silly but its really fun. 14.99 steam

Dungeons of Dredmor is a rogue-like rpg. Immense replay value and can be brutally difficult on the hard setting.  Ive logged over 100 hours on this game and still itching to try some different skill builds.  Simple graphics but really really deep. 4.99 steam


  Anyway, I hope this post isnt against the rules, Im not trying to advertise, I just see so many people posting out of what seems like boredom, I was guilty of the same but decided to try some indie games while I wait for the next big mmo to drop.

If you want to add me on Steam send me a PM, I have 100+ games Im sure we could find something to play. 



  • TalthanysTalthanys Member Posts: 458

    I just subbed back to WAR. I know, I know...but I love the PvP and RvR. They are going item-store crazy, it seems, and I am now behind the power curve for RvR weapons, but I still love the PvP.

    I also jump in on Global Agenda for when I only have 20 minues or so, and I want my sniper fix.


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