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RF Online Help Please

Edawg22984Edawg22984 Member Posts: 2

I use to play RF online about 3yrs ago and now my server well i guess it no longer exist? I think I can find a new server if you have any suggestions I would be grateful but my main question is if anyone has had this happen I spent a LOT of MONEY building my player and I was wondering will Customer service useuallu reinburse that or am I pretty much screwed? I mean I have nothing I would have to start over and i had a very nice Char with sweet equipment and stuff.

Thanks for anyone and everyones help.

Erik N.


  • AoriAori Member EpicPosts: 4,184

    Sadly when CCR took the game back, they for awhile offered toon transfers to their own servers at no cost.. however i'm sure that is long gone now.  Though the legitimate server is horrible, laggy and broken and rarely maintained. Private servers give more attention than CCR does for the west.. so meh.

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