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breath of fresh air

allegriaallegria Member CommonPosts: 682

Just returned to vanguard ( on Telon ) and joined guild there called Twilight Song. Great community, tons of active players in guild all day.  Highly recommend anyone interested in grouping ./ exploring telon to look up Twilight Song, great bunch of people that not only do the main questlines, but often form groups for the "off the beaten path" areas.


As to Vanguard, it is amazing how now, after these years it stands out from a PVE experience point of view, there is really nothing else out there like it, or even close !


Very glad I tried it again.



  • EthianEthian Member Posts: 1,216

    Ageed mate. I'm about 2 weeks in and having a gd blast each night. Fishing alone is hella fun, not too mention the insanely huge world waiting to be explored. I wish I had taken VG serious years ago before buying all those themepark MMOs because it likely would have been my main MMO for years. What an utter waste of time these last few years playing WoW/AION/AoC/RIFT/WAR lol. MMOs are trash these days... Even the games on the horizen look to be themepark shite once again. *yawn*

    "I play Tera for the gameplay"

  • lunatislunatis Member UncommonPosts: 261

    It's good to play vanguard ocasionaly, feels like a great game, but they should really make this a 1-time purchase game this far I would have more chance of buying it...

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