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IMPORTANT: Religion & Politics Subforum Shutdown

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,555

Hey guys,

When I started here over two years ago it was apparent that, as a manager, dedicating my moderator resources to policing topics of political or religious nature was an inefficient use of said resources. In fact, this is why most websites forbid such discussions outright, they all inevitably get out of hand. Here at, we have had a bit more of a relaxed stance towards such discussions in the past and in the interest of finding a middle ground we created an unmoderated Religion & Politics subforum to allow these discussions to go on without taking up moderator resources.

Unfortunately, this experiment has failed. There were frankly a good many disgusting things in this forum and there is no solution here other than shutting them down or dedicating moderator resources to policing them, opening up a huge can of worms and wasting a lot of my team's time. We're a gaming site first and foremost, and we've got our hands full with the 400+ gaming forums we have already. Dedicating resources here simply isn't possible, and as a result the Religion and Politics subforum has been shut down. The Rules of Conduct will be updated to reflect our change in stance on topics of religious or political nature.

The updated rule will read as follows:

Religion and Politics

  • is a site to discuss massively multiplayer online roleplay gaming. While users are encouraged and permitted to use our Off-Topic forum to discuss real life and non-MMORPG gaming, threads concerning sensitive subjects such as religion, politics, or ethics are forbidden.

For those of you who were able to discuss these topics in a civil and mature manner, I apologize that we've had to come to this. If you are seeking to discuss these topics there are likely many other forums out there dedicated to doing just that. We simply can't be one of them.

LaetitianKootur[Deleted User]Kyleran
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