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Can someone give me a summary of what this games new PvP is like?

poqlpoql Member Posts: 9

I have played Maplestory before.  It was a long time ago and I didn't play very long because I, well, didn't care for it.  However,  I am interested in PvP in every game.  Can someone tell me what came with this "Chaos" update?

bh is only the same for medium non members portal, every other portal in memb and non memb is just stupid.
if u dont realize, u never played old wild, if u still are talking, u sucked at old wild.



  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Member UncommonPosts: 483

    looking at the tube vids it looks like a mix between mario and street fighter.... LoL :D

    I cant find a good pvp game at all anymore, still looking for one to fill the pvp slot in my mmo game time, but nothing around so far i see that is worth bothering with... tried most the major ones... cant even find a good f2p one.. good luck in you're search :)

  • skamperskamper Member Posts: 252

    Nexon is a company I grew up with literally starting with NexusTK before they licensed to KRU and then on to MapleStory.


    The major problem maplestory has always had for me was that there was always this massive grind, but very little to show for it. So hopefully, mapelstory pvp actually rewards you for putting in the time and effort to get 200.


    And before anyone says that well you get 200 so you can show off and kill bosses faster! Ya that's lame. Let me grind levels to grind better.


    @wyld check out Planetside 2 if you're into shooters.

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