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Impressions from an SL user

First of all, I'm going to start out by saying that this "game" is actually an SL ripoff but let me explain in more detail. First of all, you download a client (which can be used to access and play SL) but you connect to their RPW grid instead of the normal SL grid.

Inside, everything works the same. The controls, UI, prims, textures, AOs, everything is exactly the same and untouched.

I tried it out for a good hour, just long enough to put the finishing touches on a custom character with customized starter gear (so I wouldn't look like a noob), until I discovered that the grid is not only empty of users but also empty of staff and it's impossible to travel out of the starting area.

My assumption is that this SL-based grid is run by butthurt Goreans who left because Linden Labs doesn't smile upon forced slavery RP and the degradation of women into nothing but objects. For the record, I was going to stay away from those sims and stick with the general RP ones.

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